FJN initial recruitment phase completed for 2018

There are 39 confirmed members. Some statistics: Our oldest member is Fennia, which has existed since 1889, and our youngest member is Algebraic Combinatorics, which started in Jan 2018. Average number of articles per year ranges from 15 to 300. We have members from 4 continents (Asia, Australia, Europe, North/Central America). 25 members are from mathematical sciences,… Read More »

FJN now has a logo

Thanks to Jonathan Klawitter, we are represented by half an elephant head! Member journals are encouraged to use the logo as appropriate.

Introducing the Free Journal Network

The last 20 years has seen increasing discontent with the current dominant model of scholarly publishing. A major barrier to reform has been caused by the acquisition of many established journals by for-profit companies such as Elsevier. Ideally, each journal would be owned by the research community, reasonable running costs paid for via public funding,… Read More »