Membership criteria

The membership criteria will be revised annually, and will in general become gradually stricter over time. Existing members will be evaluated every 5 years to see whether they satisfy the current criteria, so they don’t have to change practices immediately when criteria for new members are revised. In addition to the explicit objective criteria, there are some softer criteria used by the steering committee, which will be specified as much as possible, but inevitably involve some judgment by the committee – hence the decision of the steering committee is final and not subject to appeal. Most of these softer criteria involve recommended best practices or sufficiently large and international nature of the journal.

Journals that are too new for membership can still apply immediately on commencement of operations, and will be admitted as soon as they satisfy all criteria – in the meantime they can be listed as candidates on the FJN site. Journals rejected for membership may apply again the following year with no prejudice.

If you know of a good candidate journal, please let us know.